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Welcome to ATELIER Abigail Ahern and our home collection. From divine vintage styles to the jaw dropingly glamorous a selection of beautiful pieces have been sourced from travels around the world. 

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Our service includes a personal consultation, an efficiently managed wedding list, as well as complementary gift vouchers to treat yourself after the big day. Following your initial in store consultation you will be personally walked through the store enabling you to select from the many beautiful products that are available. 

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Margin negotiation in plain language for Bitmex Signals

Now Bitmex Research has joined the discussion, and although its report will not be the last word on this issue, it could silence some of the most incisive criticisms of the company and its confusing practices. Blessed with time, budget and the platform to dive into crypto currency projects, Bitmex Research team members are able to go as far as other investigative reporters cannot or do not want to. His forensic examination of Ripple, presented a fortnight ago, won countless accolades, and his report on Tether is another resounding success.

Margin trading is the method of conducting asset purchase/sale transactions (in our example bitcoin ) using money that is provided to the trader as a secured loan. The term “margin” itself signifies a promise that a merchant must provide to the exchange to receive a certain amount. Leverage is the borrowed financing that the exchange gives the user to buy Bitmex Signals. But it is expressed in the form of a coefficient.

  • Take profit (Take profit) is an outstanding application that runs when the market price reaches the profit. When defining a TP, we decide where our target level will be and if the price reaches that level, the order will be activated and profit will be obtained.
  • The long position is a position that a trader opens with the hope of making a profit from the growth of the market. The trader concludes an agreement to buy futures at a cheap price, expects the price to rise, sell at a higher price and thus profit from the growth of the market.
  • These statements add to the growing consensus that Tether probably does have the assets to back his tokens with dollars, but that he is still susceptible to normative pressure, especially that emanating from the United States. Most critics are not as vehement as Tether’s maximalist Bitfinexed, the pseudonymous Twitter account synonymous with a scrutiny of company operations.

Bitmex: Tether does not need a blockchain

When investigating the fraud that occurred in November that resulted in the loss of $ 31 million USDT and the subsequent isolation by Tether, Bitmex Signals writes: “The scam incident showed that Tether is effectively in absolute control of the ledger, as they can forcing a hard fork at will and reversing any transaction … This raises the question of why Tether bothers to put the database in the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains at all – it would be much more economical for Tether to create its own database public without the need to pay fees to the miners “.

Bitmex Signals Research then acknowledges Tether’s famous lack of transparency, but asserts that “The lack of transparency does not indicate fraud”. This coincides with a recent report by security researcher Nicholas Weaver. Bitmex also agrees with Weaver by saying that Tether is prone to money laundering issues and accusations of allowing criminal acts due to the degree of anonymity provided by the service:

“The characteristics [of Tether] make it potentially attractive to criminals, as is the case of Bitcoin … It is likely that the regulators are not particularly happy with this and the banks have a sceptical attitude towards Tether. Tether also requires the use of a bank, to maintain the USD reserves required to support Tether. Therefore, many banks may be cautious about this issue and if Tether is accepted as a client, this could violate the bank’s compliance procedures, such as the rules established to prevent money laundering. ”

A shortage of audits, but an abundance of money

Calculating that Bitmex Signals has earned $ 10 million in exchange rates per day during the peak of bitcoin-mania, Bitmex believes that Tether most likely has more than enough assets, directly, or indirectly through Bitfinex, should it arise. the need. The report then deals with rumours that Tether is seeking to establish banking operations in Puerto Rico, where the regulators have a less invasive position.

The short position is a position that a trader opens with the hope of profiting from a decline in the price of bitcoin. To do this, the trader takes the bitcoin futures borrowed from a broker, sells them on the stock exchange at a higher price, expects the price of the future to fall, buys contracts at a cheaper price than he has bought them, gives the loan back to the broker, and maintains as profit the difference between the expensive sale and the cheap purchase. Thus, the trader manages to profit from the fall of the market.

The prediction market is not necessarily indicative of the level of support for segwit blocks or higher since traders are betting on activation. Therefore, it can help suggest the probability of activation of any, with traders who do not necessarily support segwit or larger blocks, however, betting if they think they have information that the broader market does not have. At this point, Hayes said that they have “tried to work out the prediction markets to be as objective as possible,” but a good objective measure of support levels remains deficient despite two years of debate.

However, many may see these two new futures as more impartial and fair than what BitFinex recently offered, since the terms appear to be what one might expect from a Bitmex Signals reading. Potentially offering the market additional information about the developments in the scalability debate!

The expansion of Bitmex Signals in general and in future bitcoin seems to be considerable, however, Hayes says that “our Bitcoin / USD exchange is one of the most liquid Bitcoin / USD commercial products in the market”. When asked if they charge traders through spreads such as traditional currency platforms, Hayes said “we do not charge per transaction. We do not negotiate with our customers. ” Of course, for the market to have some confidence that it is, in fact, the case of independent audits would be very useful, as well as the licensing. On this last point, however, BitMEX could be excused because CFTC continues to make it very difficult to provide margins or futures in a fully regulated manner.

I passed my urine test with Mega Clean detox

Skills for Life

Every drug leaves a chemical signature on your body. However, not all stay the same time in your body, as reveals. Cannabis, for example, is the substance that leaves the most trace on your hair, in your urine and in your blood, in front of cocaine or alcohol. After you take his toxin ridding drink we assure you will also say that I passed my urine test with Mega Clean detox! Once the compulsion for drugs has ceased forever and the physical part of the addiction has been eliminated, it is time to address the reasons why a person turned to drugs in the first place.

The different blood and urine detection tests have a good reliability, only if they are performed a maximum of one week before the subject takes the dose: the hair is more durable. Thus, the chemical signature that cannabis leaves on our body last longer than most narcotics: up to three months (90 days) it is detected in our hair, but it takes a month to disappear from the urine or almost a fortnight (336 hours) in case of a blood test, as the following graphs show.


Apart from cannabis (marijuana or hashish), substances such as alcohol or heroin leave a trace up to 12 hours, compared to 48 hours (two days) of cocaine in the blood.


A urinalysis, on the other hand, would reveal the aforementioned cannabis during the next 30 days of its use; and cocaine, alcohol or methamphetamine up to 4, 5, and 6 days, respectively.

Effective practice and learning lead to stability and the return of personal values. Equally important, these courses help develop the self-control and personal strength necessary to maintain a drug-free life Becoming stable at the present time is a very important factor in drug rehabilitation. The attention of a person can be literally stuck in thousands of different moments of the past. Their behaviour and attitudes are influenced by those experiences of the past. With so much attention in his past, he has little or no attention for the here and now.

The addiction to any type of drug is the need that a person experiences to take a specific substance, even though the consequences of its consumption are clearly harmful in the social, physical and/or legal level (for example, loss of friends, employment or housing). The possession and consumption of the drug become the most important objective and the pressure of the social environment (including the Law) has little effect in getting the individual to change his attitude of looking for the substance. There are a large number of addictive substances. The most frequent are the following:

  • Alcohol.
  • Drugs obtained from cocaine.
  • Opioids, including medications prescribed for pain, such as morphine, and illegal substances, such as heroin.
  • Benzodiazepines, such as medications that are prescribed for the treatment of anxiety, including diazepam.
  • Sedatives or tranquillizers, which include barbiturates.
  • Stimulants, such as drugs derived from amphetamines, which are used to lose weight and in the treatment of attention deficit disorder.
  • Medicines derived from cannabis, obtained from hemp, such as marijuana and hashish, SD, PCP or angel dust and other similar drugs.
  • Inhalants, which include gaseous drugs used in anaesthesia, as well as commonly used substances, such as paint, gasoline and glue solvents.

Over time, the same dose of a substance of abuse produces smaller effects each time. This is known as tolerance. In order to continue obtaining the same effect sought with the consumption of the substance, progressively higher doses should be taken. Are you an addict and you too want to say that I passed my urine test with Mega Clean detox? The dependence of a substance is a phenomenon by which a person presents physical addiction to that substance. The person needs to have a certain dose or concentration of the substance in their circulatory system to avoid the unpleasant symptoms associated with their lack ( withdrawal syndrome ). This lack usually causes a depressive or stimulating effect on basic bodily functions, such as respiratory rate, heart rate and blood pressure.

When the consumption of a drug is interrupted, the body responds by reacting immediately to this absence. The functions delayed by the addictive substance are abruptly accelerated, while previously stimulated functions also stop abruptly. This results in very unpleasant effects that are known as withdrawal syndrome. In general, it is believed that there is no single cause for substance abuse, although scientists are increasingly convinced that some people have a genetic predisposition that affects the development of addictive behaviour. One theory holds that there is a specific nerve pathway in the brain (called the mesolimbic reward pathway) that has certain chemical characteristics capable of increasing the likelihood that the consumption of a substance will end up producing its addiction.

However, it is clear that there are other social factors involved, such as family problems and social pressure. Primary mood disorders (bipolar disorders), personality disorders and the role of learned behaviour can influence the likelihood that a person will become dependent on a substance. It is important that the person take the first step if they want to stop the drugs and for that, the will is very important. If the decision has already been made, it is necessary to say I passed my urine test with Mega Clean detox.

The purpose of the objectives is to remove the person from the past and bring it to present time, ready and able to face life without resorting to drugs. The persistence in the procedure results in these sensations disappearing and are being replaced by a brighter perspective and a clearer way of thinking. This is how a person who can remain sober is created, who can create a lasting productive and pleasant life. Our program’s unique drug detoxification phase has proven to be an essential component of the drug’s recovery, making it possible for seven out of ten graduates to maintain their sobriety.

Why to choose the used cars in Carrollton?

How to buy a used car and they do not regret it! The following guide will help you buy a good used vehicle. We are a company with very strong values and a broad service vocation. We train our staff constantly, to meet the needs and evacuate doubts to our customers. We also offer the possibility of free choice of the unit, ensuring a correct variety of vehicles, since we are a company that sells most of the automotive brands. Used cars in carrollton finance with reduced advances – we try to be the lowest in the market – and the rest financed in fixed installments, always looking for the best alternative for the client, both in 0 kilometres and in selected used ones,

A used vehicle is cheaper than a new one and for this reason; you can even buy a nicer model. In addition, the insurance will cost you much less. When you buy a used car you are assuming the problems of the previous owner. Ask yourself if you have the budget to pay for the repairs of the used car and if you can afford not to have a car while it is being repaired in the mechanic’s shop. The used vehicle depreciates very little. With a vehicle of use, you will have more peace of mind because the previous owner already suffered for you and arranged the taps and scratches received.

  1. – How to start?

Suppose you have decided to buy or change your old car or vehicle for a newer model. Or you want to change it for a different segment. You can intelligently manage to buy a used car as if it were new. This means that you have to pay attention to all the details. Even verify those things that most people at the time of buying a car leaves out.

Why buy a used vehicle:

  1. – The cost of insurance for used cars is cheaper.
  2. – Every day the vehicle fleet increases, and as a consequence of this, the supply of used vehicles increases in excellent condition.
  3. – Used cars are now more reliable or safe.
  4. – If you want to buy a used car last generation, some of them still have the manufacturer’s warranty.
  5. – Many 0kms dealers also sell used cars and they have a guarantee.
  6. – If a vehicle has a history of theft or capture order, you can find out, directing you with the patent number to the nearest police station.
  7. – In case you buy your used from a private person, the process of processing is much simpler.

At used cars in Carrollton, we offer;

  1. Test drive

The idea is to take the driving test both in streets and on a road or in an avenue that allows you to go faster, and in this way have a better idea of the performance – engine, box, steering, brakes, suspension – of the car at low and high speeds. It is important that while the evaluation is being done keep your eyes and ears open to detect any unusual noise and/or behavior.

  1. The appearance that is best

There are two factors that are also a very important role in the price of a used car, it is the aesthetic condition of the body and the cabin. We must make sure to carefully check the upholstery and plastics inside and any repairs to the outside of the car. Of course, that does not mean that the car that presents a flaw is outside the short list.

  1. No leaks

It is also important to visually examine the engine. The dirty and rusted parts can be solid evidence that there will be problems later. Any leakage of liquids in a car is a sign that needs repairs. Therefore, it is important to inspect the engine in detail from the top and bottom. A black liquid may indicate an oil leak, a green liquid may indicate a leak of antifreeze and a pink liquid may indicate a leak in the transmission.

  1. Search reviews for the car you want

Years ago this task was really complicated, but now everything is at hand. Thanks to the Internet it is possible to investigate everything about the car to buy, from the attributes to the disadvantages or possible defects. It is even possible to know the background of a specific vehicle through the VIN.

  1. Investigate the price after seeing us

To know if what we are going to pay is fair, it is also necessary to find out the prices on the Internet. While the condition and miles travelled will affect the price, a good estimate of the sale price can be obtained. It is important to keep in mind that a much lower price can be a trap.

  1. Professional inspection at used cars in Carrollton

Another good idea is to take a mechanic and tinsmith to check the car you plan to buy. Being professionals is easier to discover problems and determine the value of the car.

  1. Certified used cars in Carrollton

Acquiring a certified used car can be a good decision because it offers the buyer an extra level of safety over quality. Many dealers offer these vehicles with guarantees, which can be extended beyond the initial coverage.

  1. No to express purchases

To avoid regrets, it is vital never to make a quick decision to buy a used car. You have to take the time to do a thorough research and negotiate to get the best price.

  1. Review the VIN of used cars in Carrollton

As we mentioned earlier, checking the VIN of the vehicle on the Internet will allow us to know if it is legally registered or if it is not a product of cloning, a type of fraud common in the sale of used cars.

  1. Background of the car at used cars in Carrollton

Without a doubt, a vehicle background report can help find problems with the title, owner’s history, service points and previous accidents.

Buy a used car from an individual or a dealer?

The purchase of a used car depends on many factors, any buyer knows: vehicle price, guarantees, maintenance costs, particular needs, security, payment requirements … so, is it better to buy it from an individual or a dealer? Neither option is better than the other; however it is worth taking into account some ideas before launching to one or the other vendor

It is an appropriate option to buy used cars in Fontana?

Buying a used car always entails many decisions. One of them, often quite complex, is to choose between buying a used car from an individual, or doing it to an automotive company. Both options are good, as long as buyer and seller fulfill their obligations and are clear about their rights. Buying a private individual may not give the security that a car should give, however, it is usually cheaper to buy cars from the former. Deciding the price you will put on your car is your first step. You must get an idea of ​​the market price that is handled for cars similar to yours (brand, model, version, year, etc.), and for that we recommend you:

  • Ask for an appraisal to professionals of the field: mechanics, workshops, dealers, etc.
  • Check with the insurance companies to know the real value of the car in the market.
  • Check at various sales sites and check how much other owners ask for vehicles with similar characteristics
  • To set the final price, you should make an average of all the prices you have found, and so you will reach a reasonable price.

You should also consider these things to buy used cars in fontana:

  • Physical/mechanical state: the brand, the model, the year, equipment, mileage and maintenance and conservation status, among others.
  • “Legal” status: It is also a valuable fact that is to say if you have debts, if you were declared with “total loss” at some time, if you have had accidents, your previous uses and owners, etc.

All these characteristics will be important for the buyer, so that as a seller, you should have them clear and know why you are willing to compromise with the price and why not.

We buy your car, even if you do not buy from us

No matter the year, model or condition of your car, just fill out our online form, we will give you an honest assessment of the value of your car. This evaluation is available whether or not you buy a car with us. The buyers usually face some fears when buying a used car: that the purchased vehicle has faults or has an unknown past (since that implies more investment and problems in the future), that the seller does not offer any type of guarantee before a purchase so risky, that at the time of payment there is a scam … etc

And it is that by law, when dealing with the sale of a used item, the seller is not obliged to offer any legal guarantee. And in this aspect there are no differences between a dealer and a private seller. However, the laws protect the buyers and before making any transfer you must demand your rights. The Consumer Law establishes the right to have accurate and timely information about the goods and services offered. Despite this, not all people are equally transparent, for this reason used cars in fontana offers a great service to the buyer through its Report, which presents all the important information about the past of a car to increase the safety of the buyer. Go shopping. The used cars in fontana presents all the data: mileage, status of technical reviews, unpaid fines, theft order, if the car has declared total loss, owners’ history … and much more.

If you want to reduce the risk of buying a used car, get the used cars in fontana Report and make a safe purchase. In this way, if you get the report and also hire a mechanic to review the possible failures described in the report, you ensure that you will make a safe investment before making the purchase. However, although they are small, there are still differences between buying an individual or a dealer, so we have created this guide that can be very useful before choosing who you will make the transfer of your next car.

Budget : Confirm that the car you plan to purchase is within your budget.

Real needs : Analyze if you really need a large family car, with space in the trunk or if you only need a compact car to transport yourself.

Used car : Many people choose to buy a car that has been previously used but that remains in good condition.


Cost: It is much cheaper to buy a used car than a new car from the latest models.

Depreciation: The sensation of depreciation has been absorbed by the previous owner. So if you also decide to transfer it, there will not be much difference in the payment you gave. Used cars are despised gradually unlike new ones.

Maintenance: When the warranty has been expired, it will not be necessary to take it to the agency.

Aspects to consider buying used cars in fontana

In general, companies want to maintain their customers and for that they have to make sure they are selling a good product, so it is expected that the car will be in perfect condition to circulate. The automotive companies usually have more payment options than a private one. So, if your purchase depends on financing, you may be more interested in an automotive loan financing facilities that usually offer although they are not required, some automotive companies offer their own guarantees. This is an important aspect, since it denotes that they are sure of the product they are selling to you. The dealers offer, along with the sale of the vehicle, some extra services such as leaving in order all the papers and procedures, which is very positive if you do not have much time available, or do not know how to do it on your own.

What exactly is SEO at Harrisburg SEO Company?

At this point in the movie, it is very strange that you have not heard the word SEO a hundred times or at least, it sounds a bit like the subject. When talking about SEO, reference is made to the set of actions that help improve the visibility of a web page in the different search engines. SEO positioning is one of the most relevant methods or practices in online marketing with which to attract quality traffic to your website. But let’s go in parts. We explain exactly what an SEO consultant does and how you can decide on one of them for your project.

What is SEO?

The meaning of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the optimization we do on a page to appear in search engines, for example, Google or Bing. We are talking about the appearance of natural, organic, without paying in the top positions of the search results for the main keywords of our business. It is therefore almost free traffic because you do not pay for each click (unlike the SEM) that increases its number proportionally to the volume of searches. However, we must clarify that to manage SEO in a way we must take into account many features.

To give just one example you have to know what is taken into account in the search engine algorithm (which is updated frequently), the most interesting keywords for each business, the content of the page, links, indexing, optimization of the code of the web, etc. In other words, we could say that it is necessary to comply with all the premises of the search engine. If we already work with an optimized website or online store, according to experts in SEO positioning at Harrisburg SEO Company, the most laborious is the selection of the right keywords, both for the ideal volume and for its easy accessibility depending on the level of competition.

This step is directly related to another aspect to be taken into account, which will contribute to improving the search result, which is the links. A website that has a large number of links through a keyword will be much more relevant than another. Now, yes, the fact of achieving a good position at a certain time does not ensure us to remain permanently, so it implies an uninterrupted work to always occupy the first places.

How should an SEO consultant be?

Although it is complicated to make an exact definition, the perfect SEO consultant should meet these characteristics:

  • An SEO consultant must have knowledge or training focused on the positioning of search engines and know the techniques involved.
  • An SEO consultant updates his knowledge constantly because Google is very changeable. Interest in updating their knowledge.
  • Learn about the different techniques, processes, tools and programs that are often used. Also, the difference between an SEO techniques black hat and white hat.
  • It is important that you be a creative and original person.
  • An SEO consultant should have a good writing ability.
  • An SEO consultant must be a decisive person who knows how to solve unforeseen events.
  • It is important that you have a good capacity for communication and attention to your customers.

Happily all these traits are in Harrisburg SEO Company! If we talk about SEO we recommend taking good care of the content.

All the contents of our website must be original, that is, it is not advisable to copy text from other sources because we would be talking about duplicate content, very damaging to the search engines. The goal is that the content is interesting for Internet users and meets a need. Content is probably the most important aspect of SEO because a good content is better than putting a certain keyword with worse content. Update the page frequently. Search engines like that a page is updated since it is a synonym of being attended and that it has a dynamic content, that is, that it is renewed.

Update products, expand catalogue or create a blog with frequent publications are three examples that we can make to have our page updated for SEO. Monitor and optimize the keywords for which users find us. It is very common to think that keywords are the engine of SEO and what allows analyzing, among many other things, SEO tools. Discovering the words that give us more traffic and giving them more strength by using them in our content is a very interesting practice.

The keywords must also appear in the URLs, in the content as such and in the titles of the pages. Get external links. If we are able to link other websites to our online business, it will have a positive effect on organic ranking because it is an injection of authority on the part of search engines. Use a technology with HTML 5 and CSS 3. The latest trends in web programming languages are the most optimized for search engines.

If you are working with a first level platform you will have many of the technical characteristics well covered. Always use friendly URLs. There are URLs that are good and others that are not so good for search engines. In this post, we explain all the features that a good URL or search engine friendly URL must have. Create a sitemap or sitemap. It is a file that serves search engines to structure the content of a web page. Creating a sitemap and sending it to Google is a good practice to do for SEO.

You can find the best SEO consultants like Harrisburg SEO Company. The fact is that Harrisburg SEO Company is a great agency in the heart of the capital that can help you position your business and grow in profits. Their market knowledge is high and the campaigns are perfectly optimized. In addition, they are a web design agency so they control all the internal aspects of a page that also serve -even are really necessary- to improve their positioning and accelerate the process. An outdated design that is not responsive – that is, that looks good on any device – worsens the effectiveness of an SEO campaign.

Want to know more about SEO

The SEO agencies are one of the most requested companies in the world of digital business. Its usefulness escapes all limits and there are not a few people who leave everything in their hands. In spite of this, there are always those who still do not know these advantages in detail. Beyond the advantages are multiple, the importance of hiring an SEO agency is measured by the results and, above all, by comparing these results with respect to a craft work done by the owner of the website. Watch out for more about SEO!

Although SEO is a world where the guarantees of success do not escape being approximations and that can go well or badly in an artisanal way, the surest thing that can be to achieve success in an SEO campaign is by hiring people. Who work full time in these hyper-specialized tasks? Here, the importance of hiring them. They are professionals in your area It is not the same for a person with knowledge of SEO, like most of the owners of web pages, that a team of SEO professionals, who live and breathe this knowledge. Obviously, it is to improve the results in Google, it is about giving visibility to your company through Google. The work of SEO is a set of several tasks, and it is not worth being excellent in one and not doing the rest of tasks.

It is about performing many actions a little better than your competition. Look for more about SEO! For example, no matter how well SEO is done on the page, if you do not work link building it is very complicated to the position. Or nothing is worth doing everything very well if the web takes more than 10 seconds to load.

Tasks that an SEO positioning company must perform

There are many tasks that are necessary to perform in a web if you want to appear in the top positions of Google; this is the job you will have to do a web positioning company.

WPO (Web Performance Optimization)

It is important that the web load fast, with a fast web you will get a better user response, your visitors will spend more time on your website and visit more pages. To date, possibly the user response is one of the factors that Google has most in mind.

Structures of the URLS

Having friendly URLs is another important factor that must be taken into account and that any positioning company should review. We have done many tests on this topic, you can read more about this, in our article of friendly URLs.

Web Architecture

It is important to have a good structure on the web, clear and simple so that Google robots can easily track it and especially so that visitors quickly find what they are looking for, a good example could be the following:

Internal links

Linking correctly every page of the web is essential to get the coveted # 1 position in Google. It is necessary to make a good study of internal links. It usually coincides that the page that receives the most internal links, is the one that is best positioned. Stay tuned for learning more about SEO.

Sitemap.xml and robots.txt

A good configuration of these 2 files helps the spiders of Google to correctly track your website. A good SEO company should optimize these 2 files correctly.


It is necessary to optimize the web so that it does not make a single error, either of type 404 or 500 or even eliminating all broken links to external websites. An SEO agency must have the appropriate software to perform these types of tasks automatically.

User Response

It is very important to analyze how a user responds, his bounce rate, his browsing time, number of pages he visits, etc. These data are practically the only ones that cannot be cheated, for this reason for Google is the most important factor of positioning in 2017.

Construction of incoming links

A good positioning company has to design a good strategy of incoming links and be totally transparent showing you every link you get. According to the studies we have done, this is the point where most SEO agencies fail most, either due to lack of resources or because their prices are so cheap that it is impossible for them to divert a link building match. Without links, you cannot position yourself unless your competition is nonexistent. Learn more about SEO.

Duplicate content

This is another point to review, it seems obvious but not everyone is so clear. There can be no duplicate content, you cannot copy content to another web if you want to appear on Google and you must not have 2 pages with the same content, if it is necessary to have pages with duplicate content, you must use the “canonical” label.

Optimization of images

We have the premise that there should be no image that occupies more than 30kb and in turn should be clear and not are pixelated. You can read this really interesting citizen 2.0 article about the images and screenshots used in a blog.

Meta-title and meta-description

A good Meta title and a good description with the right words will help to increase the CTR in Google apart from the positioning if we include the appropriate keywords in these goals.


Each page and article must be well optimized, with the correct keyword density, the maximum number of synonyms and possible related keywords as well as a good use of titles (H1, H2, etc). If you want to know more about this topic, you can read our article on SEO on Page.

Keyword research

Surely very often you are assailed by the doubt about what to write on the blog of the company. You can also delegate this task to an SEO company. Check out more about SEO. The return on investment that you dedicate to SEO can be very high if you choose the right company, another option is to learn on your own and try to position your business, although surely you have many things to do every day to devote to more tasks. As always, if you have any questions, just leave a comment.

Three Basic Types of Home Decorating Styles

Decorating the interior of the house is an art. Unless you do it flawlessly, it can disfigure the whole place and make it look awkward. This is the reason as to why we hire professionals to take care of the internal designing stuff. However we always love to add our touch of creativity. This is the reason why DIY started trending. So now as far as we know, there is this high designing fever, and people wish to know some of the major styles that will help them pick the right style for their house.

So the below-stated are the three major types:


The traditional or the conventional type of house designing styles is staying away from the modern housing styles and sticking to the age-old styles. Do not get mixed by with the vintage style. Yes, vintage is also old but as far as vintage is concerned the styles might be old but they are still preferred by all in the present. Unlike the contemporary models and designing styles that work in all countries, when it comes to the conventional pattern of decoration countries have their respective styles, and it changes from one place to the other.


Contemporary or the modern type of decorating styles are the ones that belong to the today’s sense of fashion. There are like so many designing and decorating styles and quite contrary to what we saw in the traditional type, and these designs do not stick to a country or a particular region. These designs have gone global. Who knows, the designer pieces that we celebrate here can be celebrated in the other part of the world as well. However, I still cannot take the country factor completely out of it. There are still designs that purely belong a particular region. Today’s contemporary becomes tomorrow’s conventional.



Since we have already given the global credits for contemporary style, I am looking for better words to express how much global the Eclectic styles have gone. No borders or boundaries can stop these decorating styles from reaching the global platform and for the same reason they are called Eclectic styles. In other words, if I have to explain the Eclectic decorating styles better, it is a collection of styles that you pick from a broad arena. Like you pick something very much European and mix it with some Chinese style and come out with a new style. It can either happen this way, or a particular design can automatically go global because if its beauty, affordability and acceptance by the folks of the nation.

So these are the 3 major styles that are present across the globe. Irrespective of the place and person, the style that you pick will seamlessly fall into any one of these categories. Read More

7 Must-Have Home Decor Pieces

Decor pieces add beauty to your house. To be honest decor pieces are not a necessity. However, today they aren’t luxury as well. So here are some of the must-have decor pieces at home.


You will never how much beauty books add to your house until you actually have one. Depending on the number of the books you have at home and the books that you will potentially buy, get a bookshelf. Make to pick a designer piece and the one that suits your house. Bookshelves are one décor that is available in different types, sizes, colour and models. So you will have a large range of options to choose from.


Porter Floor Lamp:

Porter Floor Lamp is not only beautiful they are also vintage. They are pretty especially when you put them at night. It is more of a nightshade that a little taller than the usual ones. No matter what type of house you are in, or the size of the room a porter floor lamp will simply work anywhere and everywhere.

Chinese Garden Stool:

A Chinese Garden Stool has become a predominant décor piece in most places, and you can almost find them anywhere. Unlike the other things on the list, this is more specific décor piece. In case if you are looking forward to having a makeover that is creative and affordable then looking out for a Chinese garden stool is one of the great options.


Curtains are such a great beauty-addition to your house. Window treatments always add so much of delight and rich look to your house. The best thing about drapes is that they can be customised according to the liking of the user. They are also available in an ample number of colours and various sizes.


Artworks can be the ones that are either your personal ones or the ones that you buy outside. No matter what type of artwork it is, just one piece is enough to turn around the room and make it look 10 fold better than how it was before.  As a part of my personal note, I would like to state that, even if you are an average artist, make your own artwork and hang it in your room.

Mongolian Pillow:

The option for going out for a Mongolian Pillow can be quite an expensive option, but it is worth the money that you invest. They are fluffy and are a pretty great addition to your house. The best part of investing in this décor is that you can fit it anywhere, be it on a stool, on your sofa sets, or decorate your couch or bed. It can simply fit into any place.


Unlike what we believe, mirrors aren’t mundane décor products. Mirror will always be a vintage décor piece. In case if you find the round or the oval ones are regular go for other shapes and different sizes that fit your hall or room. You can also do some DIY decoration stuff and made it look even more beautiful.

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